Our Story

Beyond leather.

Our Philosophy

We live in an ever-changing era of fast pace, convenience, overconsumption and disposability. In an era, where choice is possible and sustainable solutions are available. We exist to help make a difference through innovating and crafting sustainable plant-based leather accessories.

We aim for our brand to be at the forefront of a movement to empower others to change their habits in liberty and increase the demand for more sustainable vegan products across the globe.

Our objective is to craft highly functional business accessories made from totally vegan sustainable materials, enabling modern professionals to be successful in their ventures.

“There is no liberty without options. We empower your liberty and give you those options.”

What we believe

We believe in liberty. We believe in freedom of choice and empower others to make their own choices. Ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in providing maximum value and choice through stylish, practical and functional business accessories.

How do it?

As crowdfunding lovers, the way we achieve this is by understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with maximum value through researching and sourcing the highest quality PETA approved vegan materials. Our materials are sustainable, do not harm animals or impact in the environment as a consequence of using them.

The creative process

We obsess over the details and pursue absolute perfection with the help of our customers, to beautifully design and crafted plant-based accessories to be minimal, yet practical and offer premium performance to enable you to use them everyday for both work and leisure. 

Our mission is to craft the highest quality plant-based leather accessories with a sophisticated and practical design.

Why Ulvmand?

We are a European brand. We are extremely product of our heritage and for our logomark, we wanted an animal that relates to our European heritage.

The wolf was an animal honoured in many European towns for many centuries. From them, it has as part of many stories and legends. For many cultures, the wolf represents values such as security, strength and wisdom.

The wolf is the perfect animal to represent all people that identify themselves as ambitious and have the desire to change the world. 

The grey wolf is native to northern Europe and this is the inspiration of our brand identity. The brand name Ulvmand originates from the Danish language and is comprised of the words “Ulv” meaning “wolf” and “mand”, being “man”. 

Our colour palette consists of simple cold primary colours of royal blue and white giving a premium, minimal appearance.

The Founders