Our story


Business as a tool for change

We live in an era with many rules, and they don’t seem to be useful. Our planet is getting worse, and action must be taken. But the change must come in liberty with value and social perception and, therefore, to the economy.

We want to optimize the effectiveness of our daily busy routines so businesspeople can work faster and easier to make a change in the supply and demand market.

No damage, more freedom.

We believe in a world based on freedom. A world with the power of people to make their own project lives. A world where no sentient living being is damaged and so neither, our planet.

Our commitment is to destroy the myths surrounding the leather and any animal-based material. We want to show that there can be alternative vegan and sustainable materials with higher quality quality and superior performance. The facts are already out there, so our task is to communicate them.

There is no liberty without options. We empower your liberty, giving you those options.


We are an European brand. Proud of that, we wanted an animal related to Europe. The wolf was an animal honoured in many European towns for many centuries. It has been the hero of many stories and legends. And for many cultures, it represents values such as security, strength and wisdom.

Therefore, it is the perfect animal to represent all people that identify himself as an ambitious, resilient person with the desire to change the world. 

The grey wolf mainly inhabits in the north of Europe. Then, our brand should be inspired by this area. So, our corporative colours try to instil cold and royal tones. And in the same way, our name come up from Danish. “Ulv” means “wolf” and “mand”, “man”.

Our mission is to offer vegan leather goods that make people everyday life more manageable and look them stylish through the most premium and sustainable materials available in the global market.

How we do it

We are focussed on delivering the maximum value, nothing else. We research materials, inspect all the luggage in the market, take your feedback and needs, filter them through our values, to create a stunning premium vegan leather good meticulously

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